Football betting myths to know and to stay away from

Football betting myths

Make sure to read some of the worst myths related with gambling in a football betting website. See some misconceptions that have been still confusing the punters and spoiling their predictions in the soccer game.

Just because everybody knows football doesn’t mean everybody is totally aware of what sport betting is. Moreover, there are plenty of punters who have been gambling for years, with thousands of placed bets through this long time, but still are deluded by some serious misconceptions regarding football betting. Today, we will focus on them aiming to eliminate the risk of taking the wrong decisions or having the defected strategies when you place football bets.

Check out some of the most common and very dangerous to believe in football betting myths, guys:

  1. The higher bets you place, the larger account balance in your football betting website you will have. If you are a real pro and you make the right predictions in the 99% of the cases, this might be truth. However, even some of the most experienced gamblers cannot brag about having such a big success in betting. So, no, in the field of football betting placing the maximum bet is not as recommended as it is in playing slots, for instance.
  2. If a team has just received its new couch, the next game is 100% a win for the players. No one can actually guarantee such a correlation. Indeed, if you check out some of the betting stats you will see that the appearance of a new couch puts the team in a better shape from the very first event. However, this is due to the fact that in most of the cases the new couch is due to the very poor game during the previous couch’s time.
  3. When the football players are forced or highly motivated to win, the win is guaranteed. We are talking about those cases, when the team simply should win – whether to classify for a tournament or not to fall out from the league. No matter how motivated the players could be in this moment, though, there’s never a certain promise that they will do what they have to do.
  4. The favorite does not always beat the underdog, but does it with a huge difference. As a matter of fact, some of the best – and most profitable – bets were placed on the underdog to win a huge difference. Although we don’t recommend you to place such stakes just because of the extra high odd, they are kind of possible to indeed happen. In other words, the favorite commonly gets overcome by weak teams and it is often to happen with the participation of the underdog in the championship.

If these four things were factors that used to make you form a concrete prediction, it is high time for you to let them go.

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