Ways to gamble in cricket


Cricket is the game that is not just loved by the fans to watch and enjoy but a large number of people also use this game to make some money through betting. In this article, we will discuss some ways through which people can bet in cricket to make money.

On winning of any team

Most of the betting or gambling is done in the form of selecting the winning team. If the selected team wins the bettor or gamblers wins and when it loses, he also loses. Sometimes people also select the team to lose. This means they bet on the defeat of any team.  If their selected teams lose, they win else they lose. For this purpose, they take the help of the previous history of the team against the opponent team. They also consider many other things before betting like this.

On the century of any team player

While most of the gamblers bet against the winning or losing of any team, many of the gamblers also bet on the century made by some particular players. For this purpose also, they look at the history of previous matches of those players. Many bettors also take care of the field where the players play during that match. They look for the players’ record on that ground and against the bowlers who might ball them during the matches. They also bet on how many balls the players make this century.

On the number of wickets taken by any bowler

Just like the century or fifty, many of the bettors also bet that which bowler will take how many wickets. Instead of this, they may also bet on which particular bowler will take the wicket of some particular batsman or in which over they will take the wicket.

On the number of a maiden overthrown

Now if we talk about another betting on bowlers, it can be like how many maiden overs the bowler throws in his all thrown over. They may also choose the maiden overs against some particular batsmen who face the bowler during maiden over.

Just like these, there are many ways through which one can bet in cricket. It may be the number of fours hit by batsmen, number of sixes, and many others. If you want to bet in cricket, you must play some demo contest online before actually betting in this game.

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